I’m a Brooklyn-based UX lead that cultivates curiosity in how people work, learn, create, and play.

I’m passionate about designing systems that solve problems, and have brought this to life in the form of consumer-facing digital products and experiences, internal platforms, and user-centered product strategies.

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What I do

Systematic Thinking

I crave and create structure as part of my process. I ensure a design works in every way possible — from a technical, usability, accessibility, and experience standpoint. Better yet? It scales.

Data-driven Design

During every stage of my process I look to data to help inform my thinking: usage data, user research, to data sources available to enrich the experience. Bonus? Designing a data-driven platform that’s beautiful, too.

Cross-functional Collaboration

I’ve forged successful partnerships with different disciplines, both agency and client-side: engineering, data science, legal, accessibility, strategy, analytics, product management, and operations.

Case studies

A Commercial Partners Approval System


A Pay-As-You-Go Phone Service