Amelia Hancock

Hi there! I'm Amelia.

I'm a Louisiana-born Brookyn-dwelling designer who cultivates curiosity in how people work, learn, and play. I'm constantly searching for design in everyday things, and ways to infuse real-life experiences into digital products. 

Approaching Mount Bierstadt, CO. (We made it to the top!)

Approaching Mount Bierstadt, CO. (We made it to the top!)


My approach to design is conversational: I find it smart (and polite) to start with questions (?) which inevitably lead to insights (!) which form a baseline for iteration and collaboration (,) and result in a round solution (.)

I get most excited about complex design problems – usually that involve multiple devices, locations, user needs, and data sources. Added bonus: tackling subject matter that I have absolutely no prior understanding of (like baseball, or biomechanical research). 

In my life-before-Experience-Design, I earned three degrees learning about designing communication, forming business strategies, and designing interactions. Somewhere in between, I waited a lot of tables, took a year of improv classes, and helped design food packaging (including the label for Peter Pan Peanut Butter).

In my spare time, I love to read and spend time outdoors. Check out what my eyes are up to on my books-read spreadsheet and my VSCO page

I'd love nothing more than to talk about any of the above, with you, over coffee. 




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